Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Steam CD Key
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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Steam CD Key


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This content requires the base game Elite Dangerous on Steam in order to play.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (DLC) Steam Key

The original sci-fi open-world adventure that took the gaming world by storm is finally getting a much needed revamp thanks to the newest DLC! Frontier Developments present the long-awaited Elite Dangerous: Odyssey DLC which expands the known bounds of our Milky Way galaxy and introduces new & exciting content. As the roar of space skirmishes gets silenced in the void, as intergalactic governments rise and fall, as humanity reaches places untouched by time – you are the one bound to live through it all. From satisfying Starship battles, immersive first-person shootouts, nerve wracking smuggling operations to breathtaking vistas waiting to be explored, diplomatic nuances, a whole network of experts ready to boost your Commander – buy Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (DLC) Steam key to enjoy it all!

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey features

In space, you are free to do whatever you want, whichever way you want to. While you do start your journey in a little Starship without a penny to your name, your actions will change everything, even the fate of the universe – for better or for worse!

  •  Master of your own fate. Face battles head on, smuggle resources, explore planets, navigate all the intricacies of diplomacy, trade everything you have and more – there are countless way to take on contracts and complete them to further your own goals;
  •  All these exotic places. The Milky Way has been greatly expanded – you can be the first to step on planets no other player has visited before and explore the local fauna, wildlife and settlers;
  •  Fight to survive. In the Elite Dangerous game, tactics are everything, and this DLC just further proves this point – enjoy multi-layered combat where both land and space battles will have you making sure that you’re always a few steps ahead;
  •  Cooperation is key. It will never be a lonely experience because of your fellow Commanders – you can complete Community goals and reshape galaxy together;
  • • Cheap Elite Dangerous: Odyssey price.

Your odyssey begins

With the Elite: Dangerous Odyssey DLC key, you get to explore the vast cosmos controlling your very own starship! Here, you start with nothing so you’ll have to do what you can to survive, and even more so, to gradually progress. Upgrade, enhance your ship and partake in a whole bunch of activities until you find the one most suited for your playstyle. Conduct business with other players or play solo – everything depends entirely on you. The game is also but a playground that spans through 400 billion star systems! So, there’s literally no end to your exploration and progression as you visit real stars, planets, moons, asteroids and even black holes – which are replicated to meet their true proportions. Buy Elite: Dangerous Odyssey DLC Steam key and shape the fate of the universe – your actions are meaningful, as everything you do can lead to both great fortune or devastating havoc.