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Ghostrunner is an FPP slasher that packs lightning-fast action and is set in a dark, cyberpunk megastructure. After a devastating cataclysm, climb Dharma Tower which is humanity’s last refuge. Take your revenge on the Keymaster by clearing every level until you reach the top.

This tower city is full of violence. Mara, the Keymaster, rules with an iron fist and has no respect for human life.

As resources decrease, the powerful prey on the weak and chaos threatens to overtake any order left. The final stand is imminent. The last attempt to make things right before humanity goes over the edge into extinction.

You are the most skilled blade fighter ever made. However, you are outnumbered. You can slice through your opponents with a monomolecular knife katana or dodge bullets using your superhuman reflexes. There are many specialized techniques you can use to get around your enemies. You MUST prevail.

Combat is fast and intense with one-hit-one-kill mechanics. Make use of your superior mobility and frequent checkpoints! Fearlessly engage in an endless dance with death.

Ghostrunner offers a unique, single-player experience. The game features violent, fast-paced combat and a setting that mixes science fiction with post-apocalyptic themes. It tells of a world which has ended, and the people who fight to survive.