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Mortal Shell is an action RPG inspired by the famous Dark Souls series. Therefore, it offers a mix of elements from FromSoftware games and some original features.

Posses a warrior

You start your journey by possessing a Shell of one of four vanquished warriors:

  • The Vassal – all stats are balanced
  • The Acolyte – max stamina but low durability and resolve
  • The Scholar – max resolve and good durability but average stamina
  • The Venerable – max durability but low stamina and resolve

Each of them has different abilities; hence you have to choose the one fitting your playstyle or try them all. Throughout the game, you’ll know your Shell’s name and unlock new powers by getting to Shell’s memories.

Challenging yet satisfying fights

Mortal Shell emphasizes melee combat. It a souls-like game, so forget about button mashing. Every enemy could be dangerous if you’re not careful. You must plan your strikes and use your Shell’s powers wisely to defeat your foes. Thanks to this, every victory is incredibly satisfying.

Beautiful dark world

Mortal Shell is set in a dark fantasy world full of ruins and shattered memories. Explore this fascinating land and uncover its secrets. You may travel this world and choose your objectives freely.

  • Demanding yet satisfying melee fights
  • Characters with different fighting styles
  • Fascinating dark world
  • Nonlinear gameplay
  • Best elements of souls-like games mixed with original features