Pixel Cup Soccer 17
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Pixel Cup Soccer 17


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Pixel Cup soccer 17 is an arcade retro inspired soccer game. It’s a dynamic arcade game that has fast-paced gameplay. It’s all about the fun of soccer!

Pixel Cup Soccer 17 is a great mix of pixel art and soundtracks that bring back memories of the arcade days of the eighties and nineties.

To win, move, pass and shoot the ball the best you can! Although you will be able to play within minutes, it can take much longer to master the game. You can charge and aim your shots, direct your corner kicks or throw-ins as well as shoot lobs, dashing and many other features using the simple controls.

You can play single player (player against computer), two players, or Party Mode (in competitions). Pixel Cup Soccer supports only local multiplayer.

Play modes include:

  • Friendly Match
  • Competitions
  • Penalty Kicks

Competitions include:

  • Copa America Centenario (USA)
  • European Cup 2016 (France)
  • World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup
  • Pixel Cups (men and women)
  • Pixel League
  • Pixel Tournament